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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Father's Day Printable

 As I promised in yesterday's post, I made a Father's day printable to use as a decoration (would be really cute as a centerpiece for your father's day bbq), or for a card, just print and fold.

Paper and banner from Persnickety Prints

The quality of the print is much higher if you download here in stead of just copying straight from my site.

I saw this quote in our church newsletter this month and just loved it.  It's just how I feel about my dad.  He's just the best!  I have very fond memories of going fishing with him in my younger days, stopping at the gas station on the way to get a treat and pop, making up stories on the way, and him being very patient with my sister and I as we stood up in the canoe (that only took once) or our enthusiasm for fishing wavered and we started leaving lilly pad trails for the fish to follow (that was mostly Leslie.) :)  He was always my number one supporter whether it was just playing church basketball, then on the school team, or even when he snuck in the back of the auditorium when I was trying out for cheerleader - how many dad's are there for cheer tryouts?  My dad was!  When I was in high school, his office or room was always a place to hide or regroup when needed.  He relearned geometry with me and painstakingly tried to teach me every night my freshman year.  He was there to comfort and reassure me when I barely nicked a senior boy's pickup while backing out one day, and the senior boy yelled and cussed at me, again while I was a freshman.  When I was a junior, my favorite year, I took 2 classes from him and was his teacher's aid (where I met my future husband :) )  I was in his class every day for the entire year, and two hours one trimester.  While I was his TA, I remember being enthralled by his lectures in class (history), and then loving the time we sat and talked while the class worked.  Then after I was married, I have loved watching him teach and play with my kids now.  My kids love going to Grandpa's house and the highlight of the summer is "Grandpa's Campout."  I'm so glad  we live so close to them and they are such a big part of my life still and in the life of my children.

Here's my mom and dad, aren't they so cute!

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

P.S.  Don't be too jealous, but my mom is equally as awesome.  I'm so blessed!

Monday, April 16, 2012

"If" by Rudyard Kipling - Printable

Many, many years ago, I think I was in jr. high actually, I had to memorize a poem - "If" by Rudyard Kipling.  I loved it from the moment I first read it.  So I painstakingly worked and worked at memorizing this very long poem.  I have vivid memories of repeating it over and over to my mom trying to get it all in the right order.  And though I can't remember it all word for word now, the message has stuck with me.

Fast forward 20 years and when in 8th grade Cheyenne needed a good poem to memorize, I suggested "If" to her, too.  She did the same thing, worked and worked at memorizing it and now she loves it, too.  So a couple weeks ago when Natalie needed to memorize a poem (love that 8th grade English,) Cheyenne and I both suggested "If", and she memorized it, too.  I decided I needed this posted somewhere since it's such a good reminder of how I want to live and how I want my children to live.  So I made a printable and I'll share it with you, too.

Thank you so much to Persnickety Prints for the great background and border.

A couple days after I made this and Natalie presented it to her class, she then tells me she had to take something for a prop/display.  I told her I had made this and if she'd just told me, she could have taken it.  Instead she took a few different varieties of the Met Life stuffed Snoopy's (taking the "If" out of life.) lol  Thanks to Uncle Luke for providing a great prop!

Do you have a favorite poem?  Do you remember any of those you memorized in school?  I'd love to hear about it.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Lucky Printable

I love my husband!  He is the best!  I think I'm still on a "love" high, with my birthday, Valentine's day, the anniversary of our first date, and also the anniversary of when we were sealed in the temple together, we've done a lot of reminiscing and had a lot of fun together this past month.  But now that we're almost to March and my Irish heritage is seeping out, too, so I decided to combine the two in to a printable.  What?!  Well, let me explain,  I was thinking about the word "lucky", which made me think of how lucky I am to be married to my best friend, which made this song pop into my head (my girls are laughing now because everything makes a song pop into my head.  I've become my mom. :) )

I really like this song by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat.  Even though it's not my usual taste in music, it's just a fun song.  So I decided to make a printable out of the chorus.  Okay, I did switch the last couple of lines, I just liked it better that way.


If you want it, you can download it here.  So why do you feel lucky?

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Goal Setting and Resolutions Printable

It's that time of year, time to set those New Year's Resolutions.  Time for a fresh start, a new beginning, time to commit to making your life better.  Sounds like an overwhelming feet, right, a nice tradition, but really who keeps their resolutions for more than a week or two?  I challenge you to do something different this year.  Figure out why you don't keep your resolutions.  Is your goal too overwhelming to begin?  Is it something YOU really want to change or others want you to change or it's what everyone else is doing?  Is your goal so vague you don't know where/how to begin?  Do you need to learn knew skills in order to accomplish your goal?  Do you have so many things you vow to change you're burned out and frustrated after the first week? Hey, I'm there with you.  I've done all those things before or even worse, I just forget about my good intentions after a month or so.

So this year I've decided to do some things different this year.  I'm starting with 4 main goals at most.  Plus I'll break them down into smaller "weekly" goals.  I'll be more specific, instead of the always elusive "I want to lose weight," I'm stating, "I want to lose 25 lbs."  Finally, the number one thing experts always say to help accomplish your goal is WRITE IT DOWN!  After all, a goal is only a wish if it's not written down.  Because I always want a cute reminder, too, I made this printable that you're welcome to use, too.  Build a Better YOU in 2012!

Build a better YOU!
As I was contemplating what I wanted to improve this year, I thought back to my younger years of goal setting for my "Personal Progress" in our Young Women program at church.  I pulled out my very first book and found this great reminder of setting and reaching goals with 5 steps.
1 - Evaluate.  What do I want to be?  What do I want to learn?  What do I want to have happen in my life, now and in the future?
2 - Plan.  What do I need to do?  Write down EXACTLY what I want to accomplish.  Write down what I will DO to reach the goal.  Write down the name of the person to whom I will REPORT - be accountable.  Set a DATE by which I want to complete my goal.  I may need to reset the date occasionally while I continue to work on my goal.
3 - Act.  I will follow my plan of action.  If I need help, I will ask someone (spouse, friend, parents, leaders, experts) to help me accomplish my goal.
4 - Report.  Talk with the person (friend, spouse, especially Heavenly Father) I selected to discuss my progress with.  Get some support, some accountability.
5 - What will I do next?  Begin the process again, deciding what I want to do next and continuing my person progress.

I hope this will help you become the best YOU possible.  Let's do it together!  I'd be happy to be your "report" person if you want.  And I'll be reporting to you for some of my goals, too.
Let's make 2012 our best year yet!

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Today is a New Day Printable

Hi everyone! If you'll remember back a couple weeks ago I posted about starting each day with a plan and organizing your day.  I don't know if it's helped any of you, but it has sure helped me get a lot more done each day.  Anyway, I really liked the printables I had listed there, but neither were exactly what I wanted.  So I decided to make my own.  I was so excited to try this, and I even made those water bottles from a real picture of a water bottle.  New technique for me and I was so impressed with myself for figuring it out. lol  Here's the link: Today is a New Day

Today is a New Day

I printed mine out at my local copy place and had them laminate it, too.  Then each night, after the kids are all in bed and I'm relaxing for a bit, I take 5 min. and plan out my next day.  It's really been working well, and it helps me sleep better, too.  Why, you might ask?  Because as soon as my head would hit the pillow a million things that I needed to do the next day would start racing through my head. lol I know I'm not the only one who does this, right?  Now, I've already gotten at least most of those things planned out or there's no room to add anything else anyway.  It really does help me fall asleep faster.  Try it!

A big shout out and a thank you to Krista Sahlin for letting me use her buttons on this to share with you.  They were a freebie from her site here.  I also want to thank Summer Driggs for letting me use the rick rack on this, too.  They were a freebie from this kit here.

Anyway, I hope someone else might find this helpful. I'd be happy to change any of the box headings if you'd like, too. Just let me know.

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