Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Trip to the Zoo

The kids were so excited, especially the little ones who couldn't remember our last trip. They kept asking if we'd see elephants? No. Giraffs? No. Hippo? No. Monkeys? I could finally answer yes! That was good enough and Natalie was really hoping to see the alligator that wasn't out last time. It's not the biggest zoo, or the best, but it's still fun. So off we went and met Bill there, too. It was a whole lot more expensive this time with the three old enough that we had to pay for them and Cheyenne now qualifies as adult prices. Ouch! We saw monkeys, flamingos, the camel with the saggy humps, but many animals were a no show. And the alligator we been waiting to see was about 2 1/2 feet long and hiding under a log, but we could see his foot. The kids really liked the penguins and the lion was big and majestic. My favorite was the huge turtle. But the best thing about the zoo was the park afterwards. We had a picinic and then let the kids all play on the awesome playground outside the zoo. The had more fun there than anything else. I think next summer we'll save the money on the zoo and just go to the playground. :)This was "how big are you compared to the lion".All my monkeys!


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