Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trying to catch up!

Well, it's been a busy, busy couple of months filled with sick kids, too. We've made it through another week with no one sick; that makes a total of two different weeks since Labor Day that no one has been sick. We've had it all, except the flu, knock on wood. I'm using that as my excuse for not keeping up with things on here. I was either snuggling with sick kids, not feeling too well myself, or trying to catch up around the house.
So what else did we do? Starting the week school started, Billy played flag football with two back-to-back games once a week. His team was the Jets (so I would frequently burst into song singing, BBB Billy and the Jets :) His coach was awesome and Billy really had a lot of fun playing. This was sooooo much better to watch than t-ball! Sorry, I couldn't get the title to go the right way. The smaller pictures are Billy running down the field with the ball and then Billy taking a hand off from his coach (coaches played QB).

We also had the fair and 4-H baking contest at which the girls cleaned house again! Cheyenne got "Judge's Choice" (or 1st, 1st place as they called it) for her Ginger Molasses cookies (thank you Aunt Shelley) and Natalie got 1st place for her Thunder Cake (which is a chocolate cake with tomatoes in it, you'd never know it). They also entered jelly and dried herbs (for food preservation), bracelets, rolls, and Natalie also had a babysitting kit. They got blue ribbons for everything and enjoyed being done for this year.

I almost forgot a wonderful weekend away with my sisters! Leslie and I flew to Denver to visit Kristen and family since they recently moved out there. It was quite a weekend of firsts for me. My first ever trip driving to UT by myself; meeting a great on-line friend for the first time - even though it seemed like we'd known each other for years - and got a great haircut from her (Thanks Marissa!); practically flying for the first time (only other time was 20 years ago, and boy things have changed since then); first time west of the Rocky mountains; and the first time ever painting my toenails - the things I do for my sisters, lol, actually it was kind of fun. And what did we do all together, we went to lunch at a fun mexican place, watched my niece cheer at the first football game; went to a great movie, Julie and Julia, which was even better than I thought; spent a fun evening walking around and celebrating Leslie's birthday on Pearl Street in Boulder; and went shopping at Michaels, Aeropostale, and Costco - you know, those places you have to go to Denver to shop at (wink, wink), but we got to do it without kids, and that makes all the difference. What a great break from the regular routine!

We enjoyed our first snow storm during potato harvest, so all the kids went out and built a snowman and had a great time playing in the snow. (I forgot to take pictures.)

Finally, two weekends ago we made a quick trip to Utah for my nephew, Curtis's, farewell. The sickness we were battling then let up long enough for us to drive down Saturday morning and come back Sunday before it hit us again. We had a great time playing Guitar Hero/Rockband, hanging out with family, and seeing Curtis again before he headed out to Los Angeles. He is going to be an awesome missionary!! Leslie sent us home with THE CUTEST shirts! (The same shirt is a dress for babies 6 mo. and up.) So doing our best "JcPenny Poses", Chloe and Maddie had to model.
So now that we're all caught up, I promise I'll do better at staying that way. :)


Leslie said...

Wow, an update on your blog?!? Will we have to wait until Christmas to see your Halloween pics? (JK) I love Billy's football pictures. Wish we could have seen one of his games. I'm very impressed with Cheyenne and Natalie's fair entries. I'll have to try that tomato cake...and I'm ready for another girl's weekend. Guess Thanksgiving will be close enough!

Mamma Mia said...

Love, love, love it! You have had a busy few months. What happened to Halloween? Haven't heard anything about costumes.

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