Friday, November 13, 2009

How did this happen?!

How did my adorable little girl, who used to stand at the window and call to the kitties, "Leetle, leetle, leetle" and would sing, "Happy to You!", turn into this beautiful, 14 year old, teenager? Yup, Cheyenne had another birthday. 14! (I only had four candles.) That's like real teenager age now, no more a tween. She was a little bummed her birthday was on Sunday, but we had a fun day together (I think it was still fun for her, too.) The day started with a quick cinnamon roll for breakfast before church. Then the Primary did their sacrament program, so that was entertaining. A friend gave her a present at church (totally unexpected!) She got roped into singing with the choir - okay that part wasn't so much fun, and it wasn't even my fault. I got roped in, too. She about died having to wait for her dad to get home before she could open presents. But it was worth it, especially since her dad couldn't wait any longer and had to give the family a present for Cheyenne's birthday, too - Guitar Hero 5. We grilled hamburgers and had french fries while watching football. Then played guitar hero all afternoon. That night Grandpa and Grandma and Uncle Thomas came over and Uncle Shaun and Aunt Alana and boys for a party (we have a small group now :( ) We had a sad looking cake, but Cheyenne liked it. Then more football and more guitar hero, over all it was a good day, I think. Oh, and she also had another little party on Friday night when Aunt Kathleen and family and Aunt AmberLee were here. Her favorite presents - the John Deer tractor calendar, wrapped in Hannah Montanah paper, complete with Jonas Brother's card (which unfolded into a poster), all from Uncle Thomas. Right, Cheyenne!? :) I love you, sweetie!!


Mamma Mia said...

Sunrise, sunset, quickly go the days! She really is so beautiful. (Beautiful teeth, too.)
So, what's the family getting for Christmas? Bet Bill enjoyed that day even more than she did. Thanks for this peek into your day. Wish I was there.

Leslie said...

Wow! That picture of Cheyennie is beautiful. (Have I asked you yet if you can take a family picture of us next week?) I loved the cake. Sounds like a b-day right up Cheyenne's ally (especially the present from Tom :)

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