Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Check this out!

So my very creative little sister makes some amazingly cute things - baby slings, nursing covers, bags (from scripture size to large totes), and baby dresses/preschool tunic tops (check these out they are awesome!). I think the talent for sewing skipped me, but she excels at it, and luckily I get to benefit from her talent sometimes, too. Check out her new blog: http://cornflowerattic.blogspot.com/

or go shopping here: http://www.cornflowerattic.com
Oh, and check out the cute models under the ZuZu dresses. :)


Marissa said...

So cute!
You should guide her to this blog and see if she can replicate it. http://www.cozycuddly.blogspot.com/
They are the new thing here in Utah. I would totally buy the carseat cover from her.

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