Friday, June 17, 2011

Birthday x3

After Billy's birthday and baptism, the fun continued with Mother's day, Bill's birthday, and our 16th wedding anniversary, boy time flies.  Then we were busy with the end of school stuff, band concerts, kindergarten program, oh and the fun of driver's ed every day after school for Cheyenne.  By then Chloe, Maddie, and Jon's birthday was rapidly approaching.  This brought up a lot of debate and question regarding how to handle their birthday.  Do we have 3 seperate parties, a boy party and a girl party, do it all on one day or celebrate on different days, and more.  We finally decided to be very brave and do one big party, inviting their whole kindergarten class!  What was I thinking?! 
So we decided on a carnival theme, fun for both boys and girls. We did a lot of planning and prep, and then called in more help. We had my parents and Bill's parents, my niece and nephew's - Ashtyn, Rhett, and Kade, and Cheyenne, Natalie, Bill, all manning the games. I moved the kids from game to game, took pictures and laughed a lot. We ended up only having 9 kids come, including our 3, but that was the perfect number. We were a little worried about the weather, again, as the big black clouds moved in and out all day. But the weather held out and the kids had a blast, I think. After the kids all went home, the rest of us relaxed, enjoyed a pop and then the rain started.

This pinata WOULD NOT BREAK!  Every kid took a turn or two at it, then they all grabbed hold of a string to pull it open, and it still wouldn't open.  So Natalie took matters into her own hands and got a metal bat and went at it.  Nothing.  Finally we just dropped it on the ground and Cheyenne ripped it open, and she had to work at it.  That was one tough clown head! :)

The next day the kids enjoyed being sang to in primary and getting their own bags of popcorn.  Then we had some pizza for lunch, and another party with the family later that night. When 3 kids have a birthday at the same time, it's like Christmas all over again, paper and presents everywhere.  It's a lot of fun! We're sure lucky to have three such wonderful kiddos in our family.

Three happy 6 yr. olds (and only half the presents.)


Candice said...

Wow. I cannot believe you had triplets. You are so awesome.

Happy Birthday!

Leslie said...

This looks like such an awesome party. I wish we could have been there. You did a great job.

n*stitches said...

This looks like everyone had a fabulous time! I cannot imagine 6 children including triplets. Thanks for visiting my blog today!

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