Monday, October 27, 2008

New Job Charts!

Okay, I'm an organizing freak, I'll admit it. One of my favorite pastimes is organizing something - closets, scrapbook stuff, kids drawers/closets, recipes, just about anything. I'll even go to my sister's house to organize her stuff when I run out of my own. Two of my favorite times of the year are "back to school" and New Years. Why - that's when all the organizing stuff is out and on sale! Along with the organizing of stuff, I'm always looking for new/better ways to organize my life. So here's my latest creation - new job charts for the kids. The older kids were getting a little annoyed/worried that the little three didn't have charts yet, so I was sure to include them now, too.


Leslie said...

Those are so cute! So, do they take the picture off when the job is done? I love the things they are hanging from too. I'd love to see your artwork in your bedroom and see how everything turned out.

Kimberly T. said...

Yes, they take them off and stick them on the fridge when they're done.

Pictures will come of the room soon. I'd really like to get the chair recovered first, plus I just got the whole cd tower moved out (boxed 'em all up!), and that was ugly.

I really want to go back and get the other picture that went with the set, too.

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