Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Top 10 List

Long time, no post! Things got busy for a while, canning kind of took over my life for a while. When I wasn't actually canning, I was harvesting, cleaning up the garden, on the hunt for bottles, planning for it, gathering supplies for it, then rearranging all the food storage afterward, etc. etc. It's a big LONG process. We're all so glad it's over. So now, my top 6 (I'm too tired to think of 10) list of "Reasons I'm Glad to be Done Canning".

6. My counter tops can be used again and are not covered in bottles full and empty/canners/dehydrators, etc.
5. My life is not revolving around when fruit comes on, when the timer will beep, when Mom can come and help (Thank you soooo much, Mom!), which food item is more ripe than the others, etc.
4. My kitchen floor is no longer poka-dotted and sticky. Ahh, a clean floor!
3. The little kids have never watched so many movies in a day. They loved it, and it kept them busy so I could get more done. They really were good while I worked.
2. It invaded every aspect of our lives. It was the topic of discussion constantly - what got done today, what is left, when will it be done. An example, Cheyenne was helping Billy with his homework one day. He was supposed to repeat the sentence she told him. The sentence was, "My shoes come in pairs." He repeated, "My shoes come in peaches?" We laughed and laughed and I knew canning better come to an end soon.
1. Seeing my storage shelves overflowing with all my hard work and tastiness!


Brossettelewis said...

Congratulations! I do love that his shoes come in "peaches". :)

Leslie said...

I'm just getting started: applesauce, apple pie filling, and more dried apples are on this week's TO DO list!

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