Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another way I'm turning into my mother.

I just have to laugh at myself when I realize all the ways I'm becoming like more and more like my mom all the time. Not only do I frequently burst into song when talking with my kids, and I often wake them up singing the dreaded "Wake up, wake up ya sleepy head" (Cheyenne and Natalie dread it, but Billy actually requested it the other day), I realize I'm starting to have her same tastes in decorating and clothes and value her opinion over just about any one elses. Good thing my mom is such a classy lady! So, the newest way I'm becoming my mom - I'm now part of a group of "old ladies" exercising at the church. From the time I was little up until I think I was in high school maybe, my mom met up with a bunch of other ladies to exercise every M W F. She was religious about it and I don't think she hardly ever missed a day. I tried to go with her a few times, but I never kept with it very long. It was just too early for me and I cherished my sleep more. See the biggest difference between "us" and "them", those ladies were made of much sterner stuff. Not only did they go three days a week, we only go twice a week, but they would meet at 5:30 a.m.! I just can't handle that early in the morning. We meet at 8:30, after the kids all leave for school. My little kids have a great time playing with their friends in the nursery and I get in a great workout. It's all good! Oh, and the other difference, no fancy leotards and leg warmers and no Jane Fonda. :)

Love you, Mom! Thanks for being such a wonderful example to me. I'm proud to say "I'm turning into my mother."


Leslie said...

That was great. I remember coming along to the church a few times. And I have to say the constant singing is alive and well at our house too.

Oh, and we did watch My Own Worst Enemy for a while, (I was quite excited about it) but it didn't seem to be going anywhere. We still have all the episodes DVRd incase we decide to watch them!

Mamma Mia said...

This was about the nicest compliment I can imagine.

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