Monday, April 20, 2009

Hammer Time!

We've had an exciting week. We started the improvements on our house. We're adding a 4' bay onto our dining room (who knew we'd ever need more room around our table) and a wrap around porch into a deck on the back. So the first picture is Bill and Billy taking off the back steps and then what our house looks like now as of Friday. What you can't see is the BIG ruts that the cement truck, backhoe and others left in our lawn since it was snowing or raining most of the time they were here. So on Saturday we cut up all the sod over those places and then shoveled that whole pile of dirt into the tracks they left and put the sod back on. It was a LONG, HARD process and since it was a lovely day, not too hot, I never even thought of sunscreen. Now, I look like a lobster with a true farmers tan - nice shirt sleeve lines and matching glove lines. Natalie and Cheyenne were great helps and worked with us from about 11-6. Hopefully it will all fill in and look decent soon. We can't wait for it all to be done! Oh and one other funny thing, when Cheyenne and Natalie came home from school on the day the cement was poured, I was explaining to them that it was the foundation for the new extension. As I'm talking to them, Billy starts singing "How Firm a Foundation." I stopped mid-sentence, started laughing and asked him how he knew that song. He replied, "I learned it in Primary." Then Jon started singing it with him. At least I know they're listening and learning. :)


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