Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Little Boy is 6!

How did this sweet little baby get to be my big, rough and tough, 6 year old boy? I can still remember very vividly the night Billy was born, watching the Jazz get beat in the playoffs. Bill eating Taco Bell in front of me, me having a cold so at least I couldn't smell it. The doctor being a dork and the nurse being absolutely wonderful. Even having a nap before they told me it was time to push - ahhh, an epidural was fantastic!

Now fast forward six years later and Billy's still just as sweet. Now don't get me wrong, this child has tried my patience more than all five others put together. But he's still my little buddy and I miss having him go to school now. His younger brother and sisters adore him. He loves to annoy his older sisters. He loves to help/hang out with his dad. He's a tease. He's a great reader now and his favorite things are transformers and legos - he has built all of his new lego models all by himself, no small feat. Now we'll see if he can master his new bike just as fast.Because of his love for legos, we had a lego birthday party for him. We played pin the door on the lego house, drop the legos into a jar, and each boy built their own lego cars and we raced them outside. The party actually went pretty smoothly thanks to Cheyenne and Natalie's help.
Now if only Billy would just stop growing. I love the age he's at now, right between a little kid and a big boy. I love that he still wants to sleep with his blanket each night (we have it folded up and hidden in his pillow so his dad won't see it) and a little sad to see him so excited to leave me and run off to the bus each day. I love you, Billy!


Leslie said...

Happy Birthday Billy! Sorry we were a few days late in calling. Looks like you had a fun day. Camden is getting legos for his birthday too! I think we need to get you guys together to play.

Congrats to Natalie on the karate. I could hear little Curtis saying "Ke-I" as soon as I saw your title. The house looks great!

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