Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Girls Camp

Well, girls camp was a bit of an adventure this year. We were up at West Piney campground (I never got to go on the slide, but Cheyenne did.) When I walked into camp Wednesday afternoon, just about the first words I hear are, "You're daughter is lost." Cheyenne's group left at 10 a.m. on what was supposed to be a nice little 5 mile hike. 7 1/2 hours later and an extra 4 miles, they stumbled back into camp. Who ever was in charge had found this motorbike trail on a map and it was supposed to loop back into our camp. It didn't. Finally they got turned around and came back down the mountain and were rescued later. She hiked through/over snow, hacked her way through the forest, and survived! Secretly, I'm VERY glad I didn't go up earlier, like I did last year, because I'm sure I would have gone on that hike, too. The day had been very pleasant and slightly cool, just right for hiking. However, another part of their group broke off and just after they got back to camp, the skies broke and it poured for the next couple of hours. Our leaders tent didn't fair to well, and my end of the tent had damp sleeping bags that night. We found another tarp to cover the really leaking end and then it started raining again just as we went to bed. We laughed as the leaders at the other end slept with garbage bags over them and we heard the plink, plinking of water dripping on them all night. The next day it rained/poured off and on all day, but we had the lodge to do all our activities in all day. About 3 in the afternoon, the sun peaked out and we opened all the tents, pulled out all the wet blankets and sleeping bags and tried to dry out for a minute. Then it clouded up and rained again as we ate dinner. It cleared up in time for testimony meeting outside and stayed clear all night. It was amazing how many stars there are up there! Us leaders, and a couple other girls screamed (some thought for sure a bear was coming for them), giggled, and laughed until after 2 a.m. and finally went to bed when it was freezing cold. Literally, freezing! One of the leaders scraped ice off her window the next morning. After a cold night, it was so nice to see sunshine the next morning, just in time to dry out the tents and tarps and pack up to come home. All in all, we had a great time with some great memories we'll never forget.

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