Monday, May 3, 2010

The dude is 7!

Wow, how did that happen? My little guy isn't so little anymore but he still has that grin from ear to ear with those stinking, cute dimples that make my heart melt. Billy is such a good kid and a great big and little brother (most of the time). We love having him in our family. This year we celebrated with blue french toast for breakfast and chicken nuggets and french fries for dinner with chocolate cake and monster cookie ice cream for dessert - all his requests. He opened his presents with the highlight being a remote-control Jeep (which Chloe promptly seated her Barbie in.) Then Grandpa and Grandma and Uncle Thomas came over and brought more fun. He was in Lego heaven with a lego tie-fighter (with Lego Darth Vadar, so cool!) and a Bionicle. I knew he had a great day, because that grin never left all day. :) The next day he had two friends come over (good thing birthdays are only once a year) and they had a fun time shooting each other with nerf guns, driving the jeep, playing xbox and more. Happy Birthday, Billy!

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