Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Okay, no one bothered to tell me this video never worked, and I finally just figured it out myself today. So here's a great little clip of t-ball. Billy is in the green hat on first base to begin with. :)

Fantastic duet!

A couple of weeks ago our high council speakers were fantastic! I know, something you don't hear about high council weeks often. :) Anyway, they spoke on marriage and one in particular, Bro. Williams, I think his name is, is a marriage councilor, too. He gave such good advice, and as part of his talk he talked about this You Tube clip. He gave the analogy of us each being instruments and how we need to learn to "jam" together to create beautiful, rich, fulfilling music/marriages. Plus the two songs that are played are Love Story and Viva La Vida, which he laughed about, are kind of like marriage - full of love and romance at the beginning and then it's just living life. However, if you can live life together like these two play music together, then it's going to be a pretty good life.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The 4th of July Weekend

Okay, so I'm only a few weeks late, but I thought I'd share our awesome weekend anyway. On Thursday night, my sister Leslie and her 3 boys came up from UT to stay with us for the weekend. Unfortunately Luke wasn't able to come with her this time, but Bill said Luke's the admission in the door for them to come next time. ;) We had such a fun weekend together. Bill had Friday off (since the 4th was Saturday), so he got to share in all the fun, too. We took 4-wheeler rides down to the river to throw rocks and sticks in the water. We all went to the carousel and played at the park for a bit. We tons of fun playing and chatting and it was a little hard to get the boys to settle down each night as they all slept on the floor in Billy and Jon’s room. We met my brother Shaun and Alana at the parade, on Saturday, but it was a little sad to see our numbers so low there. No Mom and Dad, no Hathaways (as they'd just moved to CO that same week), and the big kids were in the parade or working. The parade was a little boring, as usual, very hot, and we didn't get any chocolate milk! But Cheyenne and Natalie had a fun time passing out flyers and bottles of water for Bill’s brother Tom. After the parade we went home and the kids immediately headed out to the pool. So a couple hours later we grilled hamburgers and just played all afternoon. Then of course fireworks that night, and finally we put 6 tired kids into bed and ended our day, too. It wasn't anything spectacular, but we all had such a great time! You really need to come again, soon, Les! Billy told me just yesterday, that the worst part of having Camden come was when he had to go home. :( Ahh, it's fun to have cousins to play with!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

T-ball Time

This is what we've been doing every Tues. and Thurs. at 9 a.m. for the past month. This is no rules, everyone bats and runs around all the bases, no outs, nothing t-ball. Some games were very entertaining, some were very boring, some were even cold thanks to our nice cool June. I think the highlight of the games, at least for the little kids, was going to the playground at the park afterwards. But overall it was fun and I think Billy learned a lot. I learned something very important, too, that the triplets can play next summer. That should be interesting. The video was his last game and for some crazy reason he wore sandles so he couldn't run as well; and I think he spent more time playing in the dirt than doing anything else this time. You could tell it had been a long season for most of the team. :) That's Hyrum Flamm's little boy with the red hair.

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