Thursday, October 20, 2011

Friday Tip - Save the Holes

So I was a little early getting this posted and up on Thursday instead of Friday. :)

How many of you have "distressed" jeans in your closet, or bought a new pair of worn out jeans for your kids this year?  When we were having our back-to-school fashion show, Bill was not too happy that Cheyenne and Natalie bought matching jeans with holes in them.  He felt a little better when we told them the were on sale, but we still got a big eye roll. :)  Anyway, at both their schools, it's against the dress code to wear clothes with holes in them - the half holes are okay, but when it gets to showing skin, it's not, I guess.  So I decided to take preventative measures.  I bought a package of iron on patches from Walmart, cut out close to the shape, and following the instructions on the package ironed them on to the INSIDE of the pant leg.

This does two things, 1- it provides a backing to the hole, of course, if the threads start to break,  2 - it also sticks to the threads, hopefully keeping them intact longer, or if they do break, they'll stay in place and you won't notice anyway.  After ironing, you could stop there, but I wanted a little extra insurance, so I turned them right-side-out and stitched around each hole, too.  That will keep the whole from fraying more and getting bigger.  You can only notice the stitching if you're really looking for it.  Great way to let those jeans be worn a little longer.

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Carmen said...

Great Save!! Thanks for stopping by.

Blissful & Domestic said...

I have a pair of pants I need to do this to. Thanks for the tip and for linking up;)

The mum of all trades said...

Thanks so much for linking up to my blog party last week. Hope to see you again soon

Jules said...

I need to do this for my son's jeans... skateboarding + jeans = lots of holes. Why is it when old jeans have holes they are uncool, but if you buy them that way you pay extra? One of life's mysteries... thanks for the great post!

Holly Lefevre said...

Good tip - great save! I remember my mom using these patches - but she always put them on the outside - ugly.. - how come my mom couldn't think of the inside! Yours is way more fashion forward!

Kei said...

Nice save there! My Mum used to use those patches all the time for my Dad's work jeans :) I once managed to rip a costume I was making (taught me to be careful with seam rippers!) and ended up using a tiny bit of fusible hemming tape and an offcut of fabric to fix it up!

Debby said...

Great idea! I have jeans I need to do this to. thanks.

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