Thursday, October 20, 2011

Prettying up my Bathroom

My bathroom is nothing special.  It's nice, it's clean, it functions really well, but there's not a lot of pizazz in there.  No one else sees it but my husband and me, and occasionally the kids, so why spend a lot money in there, at least while there's other rooms to do.  A year or so ago, I did spruce up a little and brought some actual decorations in, a little color, and last year for Christmas Bill gave me new pretty towels, three sets, (yes, he's a very practical man. c:)  We each have our sinks (best idea ever!) and I realized the other day, that mine was looking pretty cluttered, 4 different kinds of lotions, this tin bucket that seemed to keep an endless supply of junk, and a sad, sad little jar for q-tips that I'd had for seriously well over 20 years - the bottom had even fallen off and I hot glued it back on. Ugly little corner.
I decided I need to do some sprucing up.  I'd seen several tutorials for the cute, easy apothecary jars so that was the first order of business.  A little trickier than I thought since my mirror is so low and there's not much space in that corner.  I scored a few deals, a little candle holder on clearance from Michaels for $1.75 and the little jar for $.50 at a local printing/wedding supply store.  Add a little glue and I have my apothecary jar.  I cleaned out the pink bucket and was amazed at what I found.  A couple sample sizes of Johnson's baby shampoo (um, I haven't had a baby for 6 years!), an old watch, a paint brush, various kids toys, in other words a bunch of garbage.  I thought it was being useful all this time and that I'd have to find something to replace it. Ha! I don't think so. Then while browsing our local thrift store, I came across this awesome pewter tray for $1.75. Score!! This is a nice tray.  Realized later that it was the last perfect addition to my corner.  So there it is, my nice, clean, pretty little corner.
Is it that big of deal, no, but it makes me happy when I see it.  Plus, added bonus, I don't pile the junk on it and it makes me want to keep my counter free of all clutter (curling iron, straightener, makeup, etc.) because now it looks nice.  So grand total for my little corner of loveliness - $3.75.  So worth it!
Do you have any corners/areas in your house that could benefit from a little sprucing up? Or have you prettied up an area that just makes you smile every time you see it?

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loves2spin said...

Lovely! And how nice that you found that pewter tray! It is amazing how much a "small" change like that can mean to us. Once in a while I sort of retool something in the house and oh, it makes me feel so happy! :)

Kei said...

Your bathroom looks lovely :) That pewter tray is a real score! It's great what thrift stores have to offer.
Hooray for decluttering! I'm always astounded at the trash I find lurking in 'useful' buckets and boxes. I gave my dressing table a mini-overhaul earlier this year since it was a permanent mess; like you with your counter I want to keep it free of clutter now!

Ladybird Ln said...

What fun simple ideas, it makes the space look clean and uncluttered!

Thanks for showing off!


Chris said...

Hi there, your bathroom looks nice and tidy now. It doesn't have to be expensive to make a difference. Thanks for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

Chase Conely said...

Your sink corner looks a lot more organized than before! :D Good thing you found cheap stuff to glam it up. Now you've got me all riled up to redecorate my bathroom into something cozier to stay into. Thanks for sharing this! Keep us updated!

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