Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Fun

Before we get too far past, I want to share our Halloween fun with you.  Let me start by saying I'm not a huge fan of Halloween (I know, I know, heaven forbid I'm not a fan of Halloween.)  I mean I like it, but I don't go all out with decorations or costumes.  I'm not spending a fortune on a costume my kids will wear once.  And if I'm making them, it'll be out of sweats or something they'll wear again.  Oh, and I really don't like the school carnival, it's hot, it's crowded, and full of whiny kids and pushy parents. lol  So what do we do for Halloween?  We started off by bribing convincing our youngest four that we could have so much more fun at home carving pumpkins and getting Wendy's for dinner than going to the school carnival. It worked and after a little photo shoot down at the farm (more on that later) and some yummy burgers and fries, the kids all started picking out their patterns to carve.  I'd found some great patterns online and they quickly snatched those up and set to work.  This was the first year that the triplets only needed minimal help, so that was fun.  Here's what we ended up with. Can you tell what they are?

The Hunger Games MockingJay and an Angry Bird
Two Angry Birds and a skull

On Monday, I got to help with Chloe, Maddie, and Jon's 1st grade class party, which according to most of the class was "the best party EVER!" (until next year! lol) After lunch, I went back to the school to see them all in the costume parade.  Then we came home, got all the costumes fixed up with the face paint, weapons, and hats/masks that weren't allowed at school.  We visited my parents and picked up Natalie from school and headed to Bill's office for his office party/trick-or-treating.  The employees all bring their kids and they go trick-or-treating from office to office. Let me tell you, this is the best way to trick-or-treat!  It's warm, we don't have to build costumes around coats, they get a lot of candy and we're done by 5 p.m. :)

After the party, we headed home and did a little trick-or-treating to Bill's parents and a just a few neighbors.  Then home to have pumpkin pizza (papa murphy's) while we watched a movie together, interspersed with races to see who could answer the door first.  It was a good night!  Here's my cute kiddos:

It was pretty windy, even here on the porch.  Every picture has Maddie trying to keep her hat on or her hat all smashed down from holding it down.

Billy the Ninja

Chloe the black cat

Jon a knight

Maddie a witch
Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween holiday!


Emily S. said...

Kim - Although we've never met, it seems like I've known you for a while now. I'm Leslie's sis-in-law (Morgan's wife and actually Rachel Matthew's sister from your online moms group). I simply can't believe how old the triplets are! I remember Les sharing the news that you were having three and they're in first grade now? Crazy! Anyways, I'm enjoying the blog - and wish you much success with it!

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