Monday, January 30, 2012

My Design Style: Part 2

We're on a decorating kick here, I guess, and now Leslie is here today with look into her home.  Her house is so cute!  She has amazing style and her home is always so warm and welcoming.
Here's Leslie:

I love decorating and I'm one of those people who is always rearranging furniture and accessories every few months for a new look.

I have always loved blues and whites and since my husband is from Maine and that is our favorite vacation spot, our house has always had a "coastal vibe" (even though we are stuck in the dry, Utah desert).  Lately though, I've added more vintage elements and pops of green, red and yellow and I finally feel like the look I have is comfortable, and really reflects our family.

Kim recently helped me create this picture wall. This wall is such a large white space and I could never figure out what to put there.  I found most of these picture frames at D.I. (thrift store) and then decided what colors I wanted to paint them.  This took a few weeks of rearranging and trying different combinations.  I didn't want too matchy, but also not too busy.  I am really happy with how it turned out.

(I'd love to paint these walls grey, but that is a big project... some day).

I used the 3M Velcro strips on the picture frames for the first time, and they worked great.  I wish I had a picture of me on my husband's shoulders trying to hang these. 

My sister, Kim made this vinyl tree with my husband's and my initials.  She did a great job.  I put the vinyl right on the wall and hung the frame around it.

The sister of my sister-in-law (I'm not making that up) makes some really cute, unique, modern prints, that I love.  You can see them here.  She made the home can be a heaven on earth print in the first picture, and the silhouettes of my boys below.

When we got these family pictures taken in the fall, I didn't want to spend a lot of money hanging them since I knew I would want to change them up after a little while and hang something else there.  I found these flat, glass only frames at Hobby Lobby. They are very inexpensive and just the look I was going for.

When Kim did the design style  post, I took one of the quizzes for fun and this is what it said, "Your style is Folksy Country. You don’t like things to be too matching. You acquire your furniture and accessories over the course of time. You like pattern and solids and can mix them well. You love flea markets and can find a place for just about anything you find or buy. You like animals and probably have a dog or cat or both. You make people feel at home and relaxed. You have lots of knick-knacks. When you entertain you have many friends and family over -- they feel they can pop over at anytime. Your decorating challenge is to simplify and edit your accessories."

Other than the pets (which our kids would love to have, but they haven't quite talked us into it yet), what do you think, Kim?  Does that sound like me?  Viewers, does that look like me?  I don't know.  I have always like bright colors.  Maybe I was on to something when my Mom let Kim and I re-do our bedrooms in Jr. High and pick out any color scheme. (Mine was: primary colors, Mickey Mouse, and M.C. Escher). Weird  : )

Yes, Les, I think that totally sounds like you!  Aren't her boys so cute! I love those family pictures.  And I really need you to make me some cute pillows, she has a great eye for fabrics.   Liking patterns and solids, yes, yes, you should have seen her room - solid bright blue on the bottom, bright red chair rail, and red/yellow/blue sprinkles wallpaper on top, with framed M.C. Escher prints and a Mickey Mouse poster.  It was a little crazy, but cute!

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Jami said...

Nice job! Thanks so much for sharing at the Tuesday To Do Party!

Mamma Mia said...

You are both wonderful decorators. I'm so proud. But that bright room of Leslie's was surely a beast to re-invent.

Stephanie said...

Looks lovely! I love the different colored frames!

Laura (and Chris!) Miller said...

Thanks for the print shout out, Leslie! I'm more than happy to make a more 'updated' set of silhouettes for you :)

Your house is beautiful!

Unknown said...

What a lovely room redo!! I LOVE the frames. And Congrats on your win from Katie Evans! I'm so jealous!!

Unknown said...

This looks SUPER CUTE!!! I'd love for you to come share it at my party, Overflowing with Creativity! The party just began!!! Thanks LOTS!!! XO, Aimee

Leslie said...

Thanks Mom! (she just recently redecorated my room from Jr. high and turned that bright red and bright blue into a sleek grey and white. That took a lot of coats of paint!)

...and thanks, Laura. I get so many comments on the silouettets!

Unknown said...

That wall looks great! The vinyl tree is adorable, and I love those silhouettes too! Thanks for sharing at Shine on Fridays!

Unknown said...

You know how much I love this!! The frames are still so clever. Thanks for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.

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