Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's Your Design Style?

As I was searching for family room pictures to include in yesterday's post here, I noticed that all the rooms I really liked were all starting to look the same.  Hmm, maybe I do have a style. lol Then I came across a great post from Compulsive in Texas in which she linked to a fun decorating quiz and talked about her decorating style.  So I took this quiz, from, and as I sort of expected got the result of "Country".  This is what it said:
"You like to surround yourself with things that make you comfortable, so Country style is the way to go. This look connects with nature and days gone by while remaining fresh and original. An easy place to start your Country decor is with a blue-and-white color scheme and weather-worn wooden tables or benches. Accessorize with collections of anything you love. Antique furnishings—often creatively repurposed for today's lifestyle—are casual and rustic."
This is some what true, although I don't really like EVERYTHING rustic or antique, not a huge fan of blue-and-white color scheme, and I strongly dislike ruffles and flowery stuff - so not me!

So I decided to find some more quizzes to see if they all agreed.  I found this quiz at RealSimple.  My result here, "Cozy Casual":
"You’re about comfort and warmth, favoring warm, traditional rooms made for relaxing with family and friends. Your ideal decor draws on English and early-American furniture designs, as well as laid-back country, cottage, and farmhouse styles. Weathered, low-maintenance furnishings are easy, inviting, and built for daily life. Think golden retrievers, fuzzy slippers, and just about any movie by Nancy Meyers. To see more about Cozy Casual style, including a sample room, click here."
I like this description, it is pretty good.  Farmhouse style, yes, my house is a farmhouse style; golden retriever, I'd love one; fuzzy slippers, yes, I'm wearing mine right now. I had to look up who Nancy Meyers is and while I do like most of her movies, they're not my favorites.

storem mountain ranch house traditional living room

I love this room, except the flowery chairs.  I'd like them in red.  And that couch, the one in the center of the picture, love it.  In fact, I have a couch very similar to that.  This quiz also gave some features of each design style.  Cozy casual likes rolled arm couches with ball feet or skirts - that's totally what I'm always drawn to.

So now I was really having fun and found one more quiz to take, TheHomeStylist.  This was more of a personality test along with being home styles.  Very interesting to see how my personality totally nailed my design style, too. My results:
"Your style is Classic Traditional.

You like things matching and well placed. You prefer classic colors such as navy, burgundy, forest green, and beige. You buy furniture that stands the test of time. You don’t like trendy fads nor clutter. You keep a clean house. There are only a few knick-knacks but plenty of family photos. Traditions and family are important to you. When you entertain you invite close friends and family. You don’t like new things and are hesitant to try new colors or furniture placements. You grew up in a very traditionally decorated home and that is what you are most comfortable with. Your decorating challenge is for you home to not be too predictable or boring."

Umm, this is a little embarrassing, but that description is spot on!  I'm sure my family is all laughing now.  Up until a year ago, my family room was navy and burgundy, my living room is burgundy and forest green, my bedroom was navy and burgundy.  Now I've really updated and my family room is brown and barn red (see here), and my bedroom is beige. lol  Yes, my house is predictable and boring which was exactly why I was looking at all these sites. :)

This is my bedroom (see a little more here) , although now there is a window above the bed, so that wall is not quite so plain.  But yeah, beige, classic traditional, cozy casual, a little bit country, and a little boring.  I guess it's me. lol

So what do you do when you want to spruce things up a little.  I start dreaming.  Pinterest is great, I have my "For the Home" board there where I collect all my inspirations usually from other places on the web.  However, It's amazing what others have posted as well.  Search for whatever you're looking to update, kitchen, bathroom, etc. and you'll find all kinds of things.  All three of the above posted sites had great home style tips and articles, also, but my favorite new place to visit is  Wow, talk about an amazing collection of home ideas!!  They have everything from exteriors to interiors, pools to porches, even closets to wine cellars. lol  You can even save everything you like to your own "idea book."  It's fun!

So what's your design style?  Does your house reflect who you are, your personality?  If you take any of these quizzes, I'd love to hear what your design style is and if you agree with it.

P.S. My sister and frequent guest poster, Leslie, took the quiz and shared her fabulous style here.

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Leslie said...

Ummmm, yea, that description is you to a "T". I haven't taken a "style quiz" in a while, but interestingly enough, I usually come up country (or costal country). Even though our two styles differ a bit, but we also like some of the same things. I will have to check out those quizzes you mentioned and see what I am now days.

My bedroom so needs a makeover! Want to come for the weekend and help?

Shelley said...

Really interesting post! Thanks for sharing the links. I came up 3 different styles?! But I think cozy casual is closest :)

Found you on what I've done Thursday!

Rebecca Scott (aka Otter) said...

LOL! I'm French Country and yeah, that's me. I love fluer-de-lis and small delicate details but I also like that relaxed country feel of thick homemade blankets, chunky baskets, and so on. ^__^

Unknown said...

I was laughing reading the description before you said it was exactly you. She is not exagerating. So when did you get a window over your bed? Are we talking a real window or a decorative one? :-)

Unknown said...

I don't think I have a design style either. I will have to take some of these quizzes and see if I really do and just don't know yet. I am totally into the comfy cozy though. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.

annies home said...

well all I can say is I like what I like come see me at

Jami said...

Fun post! I can't wait to take a quiz! Thanks so much for sharing at the Tuesday To Do Party!

Pieced Pastimes said...

I will have to take the quiz. I am in some sort of a funk about my style and can't seem to make up my mind what I like. Thanks for the interest post.

Shiloh said...

How cool! I'm definitely going to have to take a couple of those. They will probably say my style is "eclectic bizarre or something though.:) Thanks for passing them on.

Unknown said...

I'm totally going to take those quizzes...right now! Thanks for sharing! Glad you linked up at Shine on Fridays!!

hilda dada said...

Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us. house design

Unknown said...

Guess who's being featured at OAM tomorrow...YOU!

Unknown said...

Awesome link!!!! Thanks for sharing at Overflowing with Creativity!!! Excited to see your newest project linked up at tomorrow's party! {opens in the morning}. Also, my giveaway for 1000 free full color business cards ends at midnight!!! Stop by to enter! I'm happy to be following inspiring! XO, Aimee

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