Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kimberly!

today, to my sister, Kim! 

(This is Leslie, Kim's sister. She doesn't know I'm posting this, he, he).

(one of my all time favorite pictures of us...
See that looks she's giving me?  I got that a lot, and I look so cute and innocent, right?)

Kimberly and I have an older sister and two older brothers, but we are the "tail-enders" of the family, so we had a lot of time with just the two of us growing up.

So on your birthday Kim, I'd like to thank you for introducing me to:  sticker collecting, smurfs and Barbies, and occasionally letting me plan out the story plot when we would play Barbies ; )  and taking care of me when I threw up right before our Rainbow Bright dance program and when I threw up at Disneyland, and protecting me from the gross boys that rode our bus (and helping me when I was car sick and felt like I was going to throw up on the bus)...

Classic 1983? With our Care Bears and my Rainbow Bright P.J.'s.
What was on yours? I can't remember.

And for introducing me to: big earrings, 80s hair bands, leggings with boots (OK, really we have Kristen to thank for all those), for double-dating with me on my first date, taking me to my first concert, driving me all over the place before I had a licence and putting up with my "annoying friends," for forgiving me for loosing the cowboy boot earring and the occasional stained shirt that I swear I never knew about until it was put back in your side of the closet : ) and for introducing me to Top Gun, Dirty Dancing, and of course, American Anthem.

Sporting our matching sweatshirts, perms and bangs in true Idaho style. 

For introducing me to scrapbooking, all kinds of crafting, Pizza Pipeline (back when you lived in P.G., those were good times), and Tai food, and Bill's Grandma's sweet relish recipe (Luke added that one), and for remembering details about my own childhood that I forget, and explaining to me how to alter recipes and substitute ingredients, and helping me determine whether or not I was in labor...

Here we are with sister Kristen too, (not to be confused with Sister Christian her favorite song back in the day) showing off our great skills on the trampoline. 

And overall, for being such a great big sister that I have always looked up to!  These are just a few of the things I'm thinking of off the top of my head tonight.   I wish Kristen and I were there to take you to lunch today! I feel so grateful to have each of my siblings and their unique personalities whom I look up to so much, both when I was growing up (as the youngest in the family) and still today.

Cheers!  While visiting Kristen in Colorado a couple of years ago.



Kimberly T. said...

Wow, what a surprise first thing this morning, Les!! I'm laughing and crying at the same time. :) You are so awesome, thank you! I believe my pj's were CareBears. And this is so funny, just a couple nights ago, Top Gun was on tv and I made eveyone watch it (although they cut out the best parts - the volleball part, I mean come on!) and I was telling Cheyenne how much I loved that movie and it was probably second to American Anthem and how I really needed to find that movie to show them all how awesome (totally a terrible movie!) it was. :) Thanks, Les, we've had a lot of great times and tons of laughing together!! I just wish we could get together more often now. This was the best surprise!

Mamma Mia said...

Les outdid herself here. What great writers you both are. She captured the relationship pretty darn well, except for the many squabbles over all those things she mentioned. Love you both and happy birthday, Kimberly. I can't take the place of your sisters but I'll do my best for lunch today.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Kim! What memories this post brought back (thanks Leslie). American Anthem - hilarious! Totally forgot about that one, but used to have a poster of Mitch Gaylord on my wall! I have fantastic memories playing all kinds of games at your house and of course sleeping out on the trampoline!
Have a fantastic birthday!!!

Marissa said...

This is the sweetest thing ever. *wiping away tears* I don't have relationships like that with my sisters. Probably because we were further apart in years, but boy do I pray that my little girls have this kind of love.
Happy Birthday Kim!

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