Monday, May 7, 2012

Menu for May 6-13

 I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I sure did.  We took all the kids to Avengers on Saturday morning/afternoon - it was awesome!!  Chloe and Maddie looked a little bored during the movie, but after it was over they both said they loved it.  Everyone else loved it, too, and we were already quoting (okay, everyone else was quoting - my memory is not that good) our favorite lines by the time we got to the car.  We spent the rest of the afternoon and all of Sunday doing pretty much nothing, just relaxing, being together, I read a book I'm embarrassed to admit I read, it was just a nice weekend.

Anywho, it's a new week and unfortunately I have people here who insist on eating every day.  ;)  So here is this weeks menu.  Bill's birthday is this week, and our anniversary is on Mother's Day so we'll have plenty of celebrating to do.

Monday:  Chicken/broccoli casserole (one of the VERY few allowed in this house.) :)
Tuesday:  Philly Steak Sandwiches I pinned from here
Wednesday:  Breakfast for dinner
Thursday:  Bill's birthday so it's Thai food and chocolate cake filled with Bavarian cream, I think, or pie
Friday:  Pizza
Saturday:  Leftovers
Sunday:  Hamburgers on the grill, unless the kids come up with some other idea they want to do

I'll leave you with a great thought for the week:

Have a great week!


Unknown said...

Great meal plan! I'm a new follower! :)


Unknown said...

Wish I could be that organized! I am hosting a new under 300 followers blog hop.. hope you stop by and join in the fun!

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