Monday, May 14, 2012

Menu May 14-20

 Happy belated Mother's Day to all you wonderful mothers out there.  I hope you had a great weekend, I sure did.  Thursday was Bill's birthday, and Sunday was our anniversary and Mother's Day, so we did a lot of celebrating all weekend.

Saturday was a beautiful day, weather wise, which means we had to get some work done.  However, we still couldn't get our garden planted since my FIL flooded (seriously about 4" of water ALL DAY LONG) our garden a couple days ago. lol  Oh, well, Bill got all the weeds sprayed and we're toying with the idea of not even planting it this year and just attaching the stupid vine that is EVERYWHERE and nothing seems to kill.  He sprayed the whole yard, put out some ground distillante, too, just hoping to keep the weeds in the field and out of our yard.  Not easy.  We also moved a little apple tree, I know, not the best time, but since the frost last week probably killed any chances of fruit we decided to move it.  That will make it easier to get the lawn mower in and out of the shed.

I spend most of Saturday afternoon cleaning out cupboards and drawers in the kitchen.  It's amazing how many crumbs and stuff accumulate in closed drawers.  I also attacked the lazy-susan in the corner.  I cleaned a few things out, but mostly corralled water bottles into a basket and all the lunch containers (sandwich holders, little thermos, etc.) into a basket.  Why did I do this before?!  It's genius I tell ya!  And I'm not taking credit, I saw it somewhere a few days ago and thought, duh, why haven't I done this.  So I had Jon skinny back into the cupboard to reach to far back corner and retrieve water bottles for hopefully the last time.  It looks wonderful! I also spent a good portion of the day untangling kites.  7 kites just sort of thrown into the shed did not make for a happy mama.  They didn't even wind up the string.  But it's all better now, and I told them if it happens again, the kites are going in the garbage. :)

Sunday was nice and relaxing.  Bill made us breakfast while I got to sleep in a little longer.  The triplets had presents they made at school.  Cheyenne gave me a purse that I bought for someone to give me. :)  Natalie gave me candy, peanut butter M&Ms, always a great choice.  And Billy (and everyone else, thanks to Bill) gave me a sno-cone maker!  It is so fun!!  It sure beats the Snoopy house sno-cone maker I always wanted.  So after dinner yesterday, we introduced all the kids to the wonders of a sno-cone - I think Cheyenne is the only one who'd ever had one before.  They loved them!

Like I said, yesterday was also our anniversary.  I can't believe we've been married for 17 years now.  We looked through our wedding pictures yesterday and boy, was I skinny then! lol  Cheyenne and Natalie just laughed, not at us so much, but at everyone else who was so young.  My sister and Bill's brother, my nieces and nephews who are in college now.  It was fun doing a little reminiscing.

On to the real reason for the post, this week's menu.

Monday - Cheese tortellini - just frozen variety, quick and easy
Tuesday - Chile Colorado Burritos - can't wait to try these
Wednesday - BBQ chicken sandwiches - cook some chicken breasts in the crockpot for a few hours, shred
                      it, and add some BBQ sauce for another hour or so.
Thursday - Steak & Lemon Spaghetti (a recipe from Americas Test Kitchen)
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - Leftovers
Sunday - hmm, I never decided, I guess, maybe chicken and rice.

And for some laughs today:

Mind. Blown.

Now that would be some awesome Hunger Games!! lol  Except who is the Gamemaster?  He's the only one I don't recognize - probably a scary movie, huh, we don't watch scary movies.

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